The EnerMaps Project and Tools

Accurate data is essential for energy professionals. But energy data is hard to find, fragmented across different repositories, and time consuming to find. EnerMaps aims at accelerating and facilitating the energy transition by providing a series of open-source online tools with FAIR data principles that facilitate data exploration for and in the energy sector at local and national levels in a transparent manner.

The qualitative and user-friendly EnerMaps platform is developed on two layers:

  • The EnerMaps Open Data Managemment Tool, a visualization interface for geo-localized data enriched with 50 curated datasets and 5 calculation modules.
  • The EnerMaps Gateway, a findable entry point for the energy community to search and reuse open access data and publications.

Based on the FAIR principles, we formulate four objectives: 1. Centralise energy datasets in one user-friendly gateway – the EnerMaps open data management tool – to connect the energy research community with energy professionals. 2. Improve the accessibility of scientific datasets such as the thermal and electric energy datasets, in order to maximise incentives for researchers to share their data with decision makers. 3. Ensure the quality of the datasets centralised in the gateway. 4. Increase the energy data knowledge of target groups – energy planners, policy makers, public administrations, data providers, and the energy research community – through training activities (using action-learning techniques) to accelerate and facilitate the energy transition.

The EnerMaps project's tools were developed by leading research institutions across Europe together. Go on the website by clicking HERE and discover the project, its tools and partners.

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The EnerMaps Wiki

The EnerMaps Wiki hosts the documentation, guidance and manual of the tools and datasets behind them. The follwoing sections can be found on the side-bar menu:

  1. Dataset
  2. General tool functionalities & structure
  3. Calculation Modules
  4. Additional functionalities
  5. Training
  6. Developers support

The Datasets section describes the data collection methodology, the features of open data repositories, and three groups of datsets with their meta data: Building stock, Emissions climate satellite, and Socioeconomic.

The General tool functionalities & structure section provides you with the overall guidelines to ensure that you can take full advantage of all features of our tools: the Gateway and the Open Data Managemment Tool.

The Calculation Modules available on the Open Data Managemment Tool are documented in detail so that you see how the intial data set is used and transformed providing you with results in different forms.

The Additional functionalities section explains the link to Zenodo and Kialo.

The Training section offers all the training material so that you can take a self-paced full EnerMaps training and become yourself a trainer.

Finally, the Developers support gives you insights on our development rules and open-access code.

GitHub repository of this project

Here you get the bleeding-edge development of the project.

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How to cite

Jakob Rager, in EnerMaps-Wiki, Welcome (September 2021)

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Authors and reviewers

This page was written by Jakob Rager (Crem).

☑ This page was reviewed by Giulia Conforto (e-think).

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Copyright © 2020-2021: Jakob Rager

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 International License.

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We would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the Horizon 2020 EnerMaps Project (Grant Agreement number 884161), which provided the funding to carry out the present investigation.

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